Sofreh elements 

The Seven Herbs: Khashkhash (poppy seeds), Berenj (rice), Sabzi Khoshk (Angelica), Salt, Raziyane (Nigella seeds), Cha'i (black tea leaves) and Kondor (Frankincense).

The Blessed Bread : A specially baked bread decorated with calligraphy.  Naan-o Paneer-o Sabzi": Bread, feta cheese, and herbs placed on the spread to symbolize sustenance, and traditionally served to guests after the ceremony.

The Seven Pastries : Noghl, Baklava, Toot (Persian marzipan), Naan-e Bereneji (rice cookies), Naan-e Badami (almond cookies), Naan-Nokhodchi (chickpea cookie) and Sohan Asali (saffron almond brittle) are placed on the spread and traditionally served to the guests after the ceremony.

Persian Rose Water : A cup of rose-water and a rose extracted from the Gol-e-Mohammadi.

Shakh-e-Nabat : A bowl made out of rock candy. 

Honey : A symbol of sweetness. Immediately after the couple is married, they each dip a pinky finger in the cup of honey and feed it to one another. 

Esphand : The esphand and frankincense are sprinkled on a brazier holding hot coals producing a smoke to ward off any negative energies in the air!

The Sacred Text: The Avesta, Bible, Qur’an or Torah is placed in front of the couple on the spread. Some families also add a book of poetry such as Rumi, Hafez, or the Shahnameh. 

Prayer Rug : A prayer rug (Jaa-ye Namaaz) or a traditional Iranian Termeh is placed in the center of the wedding spread.. the prayer carpet also includes a small cube of clay with prayers written on it (Mohr) and a rosary (Tasbih). Non-Muslim families may or may not omit the prayer kit. 

Unity Cloth: A scarf or shawl made out of a fine fabric is held over the couple’s head (who are sitting by the Sofreh) by female friends or relatives.

Sugar cones : two cones made out of hardened sugar are softly ground on the unity cloth held above the couple’s head throughout the ceremony to shower them in sweetness.

Needle & Thread : 
With a needle threaded with two threads, representing bride and groom, a few stitches are sewn into the unity cloth to symbolize the binding of their destinies.

Decorated eggs : 
Symbols of fertility.

Nuts : Decorated almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts in the shell to symbolize fertility.